Almost everyone has a printer these days, allowing them to simply print documents and photos from home. As we all know that there are so many printer manufacturers out there, but few of them have high- class products. One of them is HP printers; they are renowned because of their toughness, high- quality picture, durability and less ink consumption that is why they are very trustworthy for working purposes.

Despite being extremely consistent in the challenging and rough and tough conditions, HP printer users may sometimes face problems and errors while using their printer. And you know what these types of problems always happen at the times when you need your machine the most. It’s somehow critical to fix these errors by yourself so for better solutions you can take the aid of HP Printer Technical Assistance and get quality solutions instantly.…

Here are some of the common problems and their fixes which help you in dealing with an HP printer problems:-

Paper jams

Among the most common problems with printers, paper jams are one of them. Printers can jam for any reason.Paper jams are among the most common printer problems .A paper jam issue may occur due to several reasons. Take a breath and follow the instructions for clearing jams on your printer’s control panel

· The wrong paper is being used.

· The rollers on the printer are worn down.

For this you can open the printer cover; pull out the offending paper pieces .Close the papers try. Ensure that paper stack is lined in a proper manner. In case, your still facing the problem check and reset the printer settings.


Enable to print in black and white colors.

1. Click on printer software and select properties.

2. Tap on the advanced tab and click on more options.

3. Click on use black cartridge to print in black and white color.

4. Click OK button option.

5. Save changes and exit the window

6. Restart the device and enjoy printing.

Image printing error

This condition is called ghosting where the image is printed properly but a much lighter copy of it is saved elsewhere. For this, you need to replace the consumable parts. The consumable parts in a printer are rated to use for a certain number of pages. So after that certain number you need to replace them.…


50.4 error message

This type of error message indicates a problem with the power supply of your printer. If the printer is connected to a UPS and it disconnect from a power band. To overcome from this error you should never plug a laser printer into a UPS, because the UPS can be damaged by the surges of power and such type of error are caused. If that doesn’t work, then you should contact HP Printer Customer Support on their toll-free number and get reliable support for the same.

For more reliable solution and fixes you can visit the official website of HP printer help support and get reliable solutions with the help of experts.